Digital Inclusion

Since 2010 the beneficiaries of Affection have the opportunity to take some classes at the headquarters of Educapipa.

The Affection intends to build its own computer room so we canbetter serve. If you want to donate a computer in working conditionor know anyone who wants to enter the Affection we'll be grateful.

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Capoeira Angola - Sábado às 14:00

Saturday is a special day. It is the day when the volunteer AlexandreFerro is dedicated to exchange their knowledge with Affection. His dedication and joy have been very important for our work. Go there,check out and participate.

Every Saturday at 14:00.

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The Affection conducts various activities during the week and on Saturdays, all geared for people with disabilities, their families and anyone who is interested in joining us in this journey. On special occasions we also do festivals and bazaars in favor of our cause. To know the times of our activities, dates of festivals and bazaars Click Here

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Ao Longo de nossa caminhada o afeto poduziu alguns vídeos que contam um poquinho de nosso história. Confira Aqui

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